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Illegal Wildlife Trade in Canada: How you can help stop it?

Date: Jan 13, 2022 12:00 pm
Location: Online

A Panel Discussion: Advice from the Surety Industry on upcoming CARM Release

Date: Feb 25, 2022 12:00 pm
Location: Online
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Do you qualify?

  • You have been in business in Canada for a minimum of 36 months*
  • You comply with CIFFA arms-length By-Laws for businesses that are subsidiaries of a primary carrier, or that are owned (in whole or in part) by any shipper, consignee, exporter or importer
  • You are sponsored by two current Regular Member companies, whose membership is in good standing
  • You abide by the requirements of Canadian law for trained staff at each location where shipping of dangerous goods (air, ocean and road) takes place (if applicable)*
  • You maintain trained staff equivalent to the CIFFA International Freight Forwarding Courses at each location where international freight forwarding operations takes place*
  • You abide by the CIFFA Standard Trading Conditions, or Corporate Trading Conditions no less onerous than ours
  • You maintain a high degree of professional conduct and ethics in all business dealings
  • You undertake to pursue the aims of the Association at all times
  • You pledge to abide by CIFFA’s professional Code of Ethics
  • You abide by CIFFA’s requirement to secure, at your cost, Freight Forwarders Liability or Cargo Insurance, as well as Errors and Omissions coverage with a minimum liability of (CAD $500,000) five hundred thousand dollars per occurrence, and carrier’s liability as may be assumed under a FIATA FBL or like contract of carriage issued in the Member’s name, current proof of which will be forwarded annually to the Secretariat
  • Load Brokers operating cross-border must abide with FMSCA BMC-84 Surety bond requirements 

*Please refer to the Regular Member Criteria – New Applicant Compliance Guidelines for exceptions. 

Note: New Members will only receive membership in FIATA with the start of each calendar year. 


CIFFA Regular Membership Annual Fee$1250.00
  • Membership fee includes Membership in FIATA
  • The annual fee is payable at the time of application for membership, and is pro-rated from the date of approval 
  • Fees are non-refundable
  • Subject to applicable tax(es)

Do you qualify?

The following are the Associate categories available to non-Freight Forwarding, load broker, or carter/drayage companies:

  • Advertising / Consulting / Marketing / Research
  • Air Carriers
  • Air Carriers (General Sales Agent)
  • Banks and Foreign Exchange
  • Insurance
  • Custom Brokers
  • Dock Terminal Operations
  • Documentation Firms
  • IT/Software/E-Commerce
  • Law Firms
  • Ocean Carriers and Agents
  • Packaging
  • Personnel Recruitment
  • Port Authorities
  • Rail
  • Security
  • Trucking / Warehousing
  • Other
  • You have been in business for a minimum of 24 months
  • You support and provide services to the freight forwarding, load broker, or carter/drayage industries
  • You want to participate in the CIFFA Affinity Program and offer a discount or other cost-saving options to all CIFFA members
  • You want to network and keep up to date with industry news and events


CIFFA Associate Membership Annual Fee$770.00
  • The annual fee is payable at the time of application for membership, and is pro-rated from the date of approval
  • Fees are non-refundable
  • Subject to applicable tax(es)